ATLANTIC HOSPITALITY ADVISORS is a hotel advisory and investment services firm which brings a unique perspective to engagements, blending experience in hotel operations, investments and transactions with tenure in the formal setting of a national consulting firm. With offices in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Asheville and Tampa, ATLANTIC personnel have a working knowledge of all major, and most minor, hotel markets in the United States, and the practice is executed on a nationwide basis. Much of the company's work is performed on behalf of owners and lenders, the hospitality industry's most important, and often most neglected, constituency. Given the magnitude of capital typically at stake, and the general responsiveness in terms of improvement and/or returns which can be realized, a relatively modest investment in focused advocacy or counsel is always prudent.

The hospitality industry faces unusual challenges in an ever changing environment. ATLANTIC HOSPITALITY ADVISORS assists clients in meeting these challenges
through the application of skills gained during the course of multi-faceted exposure to the field. The firm brings a distanced, independent and disciplined approach to the art and science of client service. ATLANTIC HOSPITALITY ADVISORS draws on both formal consulting and real world experience, and blends the two perspectives, bringing the best of both to bear on any given assignment. The firm does not delegate the bulk of its practice to less experienced subordinates. Clients deal directly with principals throughout the engagement, and are presented with work which largely reflects the input of those principals.